2020 is one of the most significant years throughout the history. Not only it shifted human behavior, business approach, and sociocultural system at multiple levels in a variety of sectors, it also forced an expeditious legal evolution to keep up with the rapid alteration.
Started out in the middle of the pandemic, these two passionate and experienced young lawyers, Amanda Novia Anggita and Christopher Hendrik S. Jouwena are committed to serve and present immediate value through their first and foremost offspring, AMLAW. Bringing with them their respective broad experience and unique expertise, the founders of AMLAW share a vision to give the best service to clients.

The founders are professional lawyers experienced in leading law firms in Jakarta and also a leading technology company. With these professional experiences combined with the law and business education, AMLAW offers a concept of giving the ultimate advice from both legal aspects and business perspectives.


As an Indonesian law firm that upholds the value of diversity and inclusion, AMLAW welcomes the opportunity to work with the whole spectrum of business channels across multiple industries and sectors. With years of professional experience, AMLAW is accustomed to deliver the demands of accuracy, effectiveness, and punctuality to arrive at a customized legal solution for each client.



Amanda Novia Anggita S.H., MBA, MAM


Amanda Anggita received a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Universitas Indonesia with a minor in Commercial Law. She expanded her expertise by earning an MBA from Universitas Indonesia and a Master of Advanced Management from Yale University. She is a member of the Indonesian Bar Association (PERADI), the Indonesian Capital Market Lawyer Association (HKHPM), and the Indonesian Receivers and Administrators Association (AKPI). Prior to establishing AMLAW, she worked at a top-tier law firm in Indonesia and became the Chief Operating Officer of a leading digital signature provider company.

Amanda Anggita engages in a variety of legal disciplines, inter alia, corporate and commercial dispute and litigation, bankruptcy and suspension of debt repayment (PKPU), antitrust, insurance, intellectual property rights, technology, telecommunication, public private partnership, foreign investment, capital market and general corporate. As a law and business professional and Yale graduate, she holds distinct expertise in law and business which enables her to have broader perspectives by combining these diverse competencies. Enriched with international experience which elevated her initiatives to a global level, she is committed to provide a significant impact on business and society.

Christopher Hendrik S. Jouwena, S.H., M.H.


Christopher Jouwena was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Law with a minor in Banking and Business Law from Universitas Indonesia. He continued pursuing legal education and earned a master degree (M.H.) majoring in Business Law from Universitas Indonesia. He holds an advocate license and bankruptcy receiver and administrator license. He is also a member of the Indonesian Bar Association (PERADI) and the Indonesian Receivers and Administrators Association (AKPI).

With over 10 years of experience practicing as a litigation and corporate lawyer in reputable law firm in Jakarta, Christopher Jouwena experts in civil and criminal laws, general corporate and banking law, as well as bankruptcy and suspension of debt repayment (PKPU). He is accustomed to act as a prominent litigator as well as negotiator and solicitor among the stakeholders including government agencies and public services, police departments, courts, and other private sectors and associations.